Rodamot came about with the idea of offering a new literary and cultural site in education for the learning of foreign languages, where, both teachers and students can find those books adapted to their level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The suggested readings offer the reader the chance to progress in their learning by coming across literature proposals that are adequate and accessible to their linguistic learning needs and with a thematic range. The articles are supported with useful and cross-reference information related to the novel and references to the language (film/TV adaptations, interviews, translations…).

Rodamot is made up of a passionate team of teachers who teach languages both to teenagers and adults, as well as other collaborators who are related to the field of literature and culture.

Carles Ramírez i López

Assistant editor
Xevi Costa Brugué

Language coordinators
Catalan and Francophone Literatures
Carles Ramírez i López

Anglo-Saxon Literature
Mireia Singleton Escofet

Xevi Costa Brugué

Mònica Bracero, Montserrat Campoy, María García, Anna Lleonart, Alexandra Mateu, Glòria Ñaco, Mònica Prat Mantas, Maria del Mar Rubio

Rodamot (ISSN 2604-143X) is a cultural, multilingual, educational and pedagogical Literary platform. It is published exclusively in digital support, over the Internet, on the web page, with international coverage, and with presence in social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@RodamotDigital).
Rodamot is a community reader web and not the publisher of the books presented, therefore, we do not have the addresses of the authors referenced in this platform. If you wish to contact the authors of the books, do so through their editorials and / or legal representatives.
Rodamot is published in its headquarters in Palamós, Girona (Catalonia, Spain).